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Understanding Cause & Effect Of Illnesses In Pets.

Many people don't know about "cause and effect" but it's super important that this basic concept is understood especially when it comes to health...
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Fungal Infections In Cats

Fungal infections in cats can have devastating health effects if left untreated for too long. Similar to fungal infections in dogs, there are a n...
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Why Does My Dog Eat Soil?

Our dogs and our ancestors spent a lot of time digging in the dirt which filled their body with tons of beneficial microorganisms. Years ago it w...
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Fungal Infections in Dogs

Fungi is an interesting topic as there are thought to be around 3.8 million species that are fundamental to our entire ecosystem and ability...
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Your Cat & Dog's Innate Immunity

What is Innate Immunity? "The innate immune system is the first part of the body to detect invaders such as viruses, bacteria, parasites and toxins, o...
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Chronic Inflammation Is Killing Your Pet

It's incredibly important to understand inflammation. Inflammation is the body's way of communicating with an individual whether that is you as t...
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Soul Contracts With Animals

In many ancient cultures such as the Chinese, Greek, Nordic, the old myths teach us that we as individuals are tied to other people tha...
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Grief In Dogs

Grief can be a weight that when left unnoticed, can take a hold of you or your dogs, but it is also a mother, a teacher, even a friend holding us tigh...
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Synthetics As Food - The Cost To Your Pet's Health (Part 4)

In parts 1, 2 and 3 of this mini-series, we looked at why companies decide to use synthetics in their products but what is the actual i...
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Real Supplements V Synthetic Supplements (Part 3)

We know the best pathway to health for the immune system, for the entire body is with real whole foods. A nutrient-dense diet is foremost, t...
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Synthetic Vitamins & Minerals in Pet Food (Part 2)

Background: Synthetics made in a lab and not in nature, chemical isolates that don't belong. The first synthetic vitamin was manufactured in 1933...
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Synthetic Vitamins & Minerals in Pet Food (Part 1)

Why Are Synthetic Vitamins And Minerals Added To Pet Foods And Supplements? In this four-part mini-series, we address why synthetic vitamins and miner...
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Bad Teeth Linked To Chronic Disease In Pets

Like us, pets need their oral hygiene taken care off. You know yourself there is nothing worse than going days without cleaning your teeth and having ...
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Malnutrition in Dogs & Cats

Malnutrition can be a tough illness on both you and your pet especially if it's a long term problem in your cat or dog. There are a number of dif...
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Digestive Disorders in Cats & Dogs

Most pet owners aren't aware that their pet's digestive system is naturally very acidic and their entire body functions much better whe...
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Why Does My Dog Lick Pee?

Is it normal for dogs to lick their pee or another dog's pee? Yes. Your dog licking its own or another dog's pee is totally normal in t...
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Why Is My Dog Eating Poop And How To Stop It

Should you be concerned if your dog eats poo? The main things to consider are why it's happening, how often and the species of animal that e...
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Renal Disease In Cats

Renal disease in cats is becoming much more common place and the symptoms of chronic renal failure can be seen as the results of kidney fibrosis....
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The Life-Saving 20 Minutes In Your Pet's Day

Like us pets need to get out of the house, irrespective of whether they are a big dog, small dog, thin cat or fat cat. Garden or not, pets need to lea...
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Urinary Problems In Cats

The most important nutrient necessary for obligate carnivores and specifically for your cat, is water.  Drinking a healthy amount of water i...
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Your Pet's Life Force Energy

As more information is becoming available about the importance of energy a big questions is, are you helping or hindering your pet's life force e...
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Heal The Gut - Heal Your Pet

Your dog's gastrointestinal tract includes their mouth, esophagus, stomach, small intestine, large intestine and anus.  Their inner terrain inclu...
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Terrain Theory Impacts Your Pet's Health

Anti-inflammatories, antivirals, antifungals, steroids, antibiotics and vaccines are the mainstream answers to most dogs and cats veterinary issues.Th...
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Epigentics Influences Your Pet's Health

 What is Epigentics? Epigenetics is making a splash in science and healthcare as the medical community is deepening its understanding of the link...
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Warning - Toxic Flea Treatments & Flea Collars

With the change in season to warmer and sunnier days, you'll no doubt be thinking about the types of flea treatments you may need to&nb...
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Leaky Skin in Cats & Dogs

What is Leaky Skin in Dogs and Cats?  Leaky skin has a relationship to leaky gut. Impaired skin barrier function is leaky skin and leaky gut...
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