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Communicating With Your Cat or Dog


Contrary to our beliefs as adults all of us have the ability to intuitively have two way communication with our pets.

Amazingly you can have a conversation with your cat and dog to the point they can understand you and actually respond to you.

This is hard for most adults to comprehend as it goes against everything that's been drilled into us as children or by society itself as we're taught in such a structured way and we've been educated away from using our intuition.

Yet, if you look at any of our ancestors or the indigenous populations that live closely with the land each and everyone of them will tell you they speak or have a close connection with the plants and animals.

The big difference between them and us? We're totally disconnected from Pachamama. We've lost our direct link to nature and we've been conditioned to believe that we're a higher species, with conscious rational thought etc. compared to other living beings on the planet. However if you think about any natural medicine today, it's come from the study of plants and animals, and their instinctive behaviors from something as simple as stretching to selecting plants to heal their bodies.

Having just attended the 2019 International Animal Communicator and Healer Summit it was overwhelming to see the inspiring work of so many animal communicators who are directly talking and working with animals of all species to help with behavioral problems, finding lost pets, communicating directly with the pet to bring awareness to the pet owner about illnesses or issues etc. 

One thing has become clear through their amazing work and years of experience is that "animals are as complex as we are with intelligence and spiritual awareness and this not only applies to animals but is running through every form of life on the earth, as nature is sentient". Martha Williams.

The more famous animal communicators are those that work with the safaris in Africa such as Anna Breytenbach whose filmed documentary showed her helping a snarling leopard come out of his cage to live happily in the safari. Why this is such a remarkable story is that it was the last ditch attempt by the owner to try to help the cat. 

Her knowledge and facts gained whilst directly communicating with the cat were astonishing. Her intuitive communication work with the cat then went onto allow two more cats to be introduced into the safari without incident, where normally leopards would fight to the death to defend their territory. Watch a short clip here or the full documentary here. Her incredible work has also had her communicating directly with White Sharks. 

Communicating with your pet, starts with your energy

To get a bit "sciencey" on you for a moment, we'll keep it simple, promise, and explain what that means! 

Through the study of Quantum physics or even going as far back as looking at old Chinese healing methods such as Tia Chi and acupuncture, they know that everything on the earth is vibrating and emitting an energy frequency, whether it's a rock, tree, animal, human or the earth itself.

We have what they call, electromagnetic (ELM) energy pulsing, vibrating and emitting outwards constantly. As the name suggest your ELM acts like a magnet, sending out energy and attracting energy back in.

Not only are you made up of energy but other energy from everything around you, is also passing through your body at any given moment.

Researchers in the field of ELM have documented for example that organs, emotions, thoughts, words etc. all have vibrational energy.

They know that the human heart energy field alone, emits outwards by at least 8 to 12 feet in all directions, or as a circle. (They actually believe it to be more that this but the scientific instruments haven't been developed yet that can measure further than 12 feet. Crazy Stuff!!)

As you can imagine if you're pulsing, vibrating and projecting out energy, emotions, thoughts etc. this energy will magnetically attract the same energy fields back to you. For example hate will attract/attach to hate, anger to anger, fear to fear, love to love etc. And these energy fields, magnetically combine to become bigger energy fields.

The magnetic energy vibrations that we're talking about here, have been proven time and time again through quantum physics, using Newton's Law even going back to Einstein himself to prove their existence. So this stuff is real.

How does this all relate back to your pet?

Simple. The energy you emit out, is magnetically attaching to them and vice versa. Something as simple as your words will effect their energy. Added to this, they can intuitively pick up on your thoughts. Even if you think it but don't voice the words, your cat, dog, horse, snake etc. can still hear you!!!

The work by these amazing group of animal communicators has demonstrated this time and time again and some of the behavioral issues they've been brought into deal with inevitably always come back to the type of environment the pet is living in. 

If your pet is living in an environment where there is lots of stress, anger whether through words or someone sitting there seething, drama etc. it all resonates through your pet and will impact not only their energy field but their health and well-being.

In her book "Learning their Language" Marta Williams shares numerous stories about her life experience as an animal communicator. One story that springs to mind and has stuck with me is the about a white male cat living at an animal shelter.

One of Marta's students was working as a carer at the shelter and was concerned about the cat's well-being and health. When they intuitively communicated with him he told her that he was depressed because he couldn't go out in the sun and wasn't going to be adopted.

When asked why he felt that way, he explained that two people had been standing in front of his cage and said that because he was white, he would get sick in the sun, not be able to go outside and wouldn't be adopted as nobody would want such a cat.

They began to ask the people around and discovered that two of the staff had actually had that conversation whilst standing in front of his cage a few weeks earlier and hence his behavioral change.

They communicated with him that he was a beautiful cat and that he would find someone special to adopt him and put sunblock on his nose so that he could go out to enjoy the sun and not burn. Within an hour of them intuitively communicating this to him he began grooming himself again and within that same week he was adopted out.

If you're weren't already aware animals are super sensitive to the energies around them and truly do understand everything.

The vibrational frequencies, what does your pet vibrate at?

What is becoming more apparent through both Quantum physics and the work of animal communicators is that "animals are actually vibrating at a higher energy frequency than humans and an animal's energy field is generally 10 times greater than a humans. All animals are extremely important to helping balance the natural energy of the planet and it's survival". - Alicia Evans, animal communicator and healer.

Vibrational frequencies can change as they are based on emotion but everything has a base rate and the average human sits at around 200 - 350 herz (which is a combination between courage at 200, neutrality at 250, willingness at 310 and acceptance at 350. Things like shame, apathy, guilt, fear and grief all vibrate at below 100 herz).

The highest vibrational frequencies are 700+ herz which is considered enlightenment. Peace is 600 herz, Joy functions at around 540 which is where for example Dolphins and Elephants sit. Love is at 500, which is where for example a dog's or cat's base rate generally sits. 

As things happen in our day it's known that a human's vibrational frequency changes rapidly but remember, the average human's vibrational frequency base rate tends to sit at around 300 hertz, not the higher end of the scale where animal's vibrational base rates are. What's your normal base rate and how do your emotional changes throughout your day effect your pet?

As Alicia Evans, animal communicator and healer, said at the summit "Animals bring you into a frequency to help you ground and stabilise. They have a more unique system for living on the planet than we do for balance and harmony. We are quantum beings and are only educated to use 10% of our brain. We've been educated away from our true nature, which is that of our gut or trusting our knowing/instinct as the animals do". 

When animals aren't living in environments that are in tune with their natural state of being they begin to develop wellness and health issues. Read more here on how you can help your dog's environment.
One thing is for sure when your pet want to plays, have affection etc. go with it whole heartingly, as they'll be raising your vibrational frequency into joy and love. 

Be mindful of your thoughts, words and actions with your pet as they intuitively know things and get into taking the time to listen to them, as they're trying to communicate with you directly all the time.

Steps to start communicating with your pet

The head of the summit Dr Cara Gubbins recommends a few basic ways that you can call back your natural intuitive communication with animals. As she mentioned it's not some special gift it's something we're all born with but are conditioned to live without. It's going back to our roots. 

Dr Cara is clear to point out that this is not a form of manipulation to get your pet to do anything but two-way communication and as she said, "when you truly open up to this you'll discover that we've got so much to learn from the animals as they are some of the best teaches on earth".

1. "This is the first, most important and probably the most difficult. To be still and present in the moment. Shut off all and every distraction and sit quietly. Feel yourself connected to the centre of the earth with a thread going from your base chakra all the way down into the centre of the earth as this will help ground you to start the process".

2. "Send signals and be specific. Get clear on what you're sending out in terms of if you're coming from a lower or higher sense of awareness and consciousness. Be international with your thoughts and words. Be calm when you're communicating with them whether you are sending them a mental picture, your thoughts or words".

3. "Keep it simple and always frame it from the positive. So communicating simple questions, suggestions or instructions and always use positive language. Rather than say "don't jump up on the couch, reframe it as, "always keep four paws on the floor please." and send them the mental picture of what you'd like them to do backed up by also sending a great positive feeling for achieving it and a thank you. You've got to think about it from the animals point of view of "what's in it for them?"

The fundamentals to get started are that you need to be calm, present and to keep the communication simple. Then...

4. "Become a receiver or good internal listener, as the animals have no language barrier so they will send you their answers either as an image that pops into your head, words or actions. Pay attention to your primary sense of how your are. For example are you a more visual person, auditory etc. As the animals are so in the quantum space they'll know intuitively how your primary sense works and send any communication that way".

(The first time I tried this I asked the dog "what is your favorite toy?" and felt disheartened as nothing came back. A few days later whilst sitting at my desk working, she came over an dropped her stuffed monkey at my feet and wandered back to her bed. Whey hey hey. Success!!! I'd got my answer!!! Just not as expected).

5. "Pick an appropriate time of day to try your communication. Don't try to intuitively talk to your cat just after it's eaten as it won't be open to communicating with you. Try for a time when you're likely to get the most success when you're starting out. For example when your pet's are actively awake but not desperate for dinner or a walk etc.".

Dr Cara said "have fun with it and don't doubt yourself as sometimes random messages or words will pop into your head but trust that it's probably the answer or something they're trying to communicate i.e. you thinking to refresh their water bowl out of the blue". 

"Do be aware of throwing you're own bias and thoughts into this as it should always be about the animal not you trying to fake the communication or manipulate the pet. Animal communication should always always come from a place of respect and gratitude".  

If you'd like to check out her courses on animal communication click here.

Joy and love are the most purest and highest forms of vibration so aim to have a life filled with these two important things and start by connecting intuitively with your pet as their base energy is already in the higher frequency, unless of course they're in an unhappy home environment but it's your responsibility as their carer to ensure their vibrational energy health.

What are you waiting for!!! Get started today and intuitively connect to your pet. 

Leave a comment below with your experiences and attempts. We'd love to hear how you're doing.


Dr Bradley Nelson. The emotional code.

NOW, we'd love to hear your feedback so LEAVE A COMMENT and feel free to share this with people you think will love it.

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Guest - Shammy Peterson on Thursday, April 29 2021 21:58

I never knew that you can expect your pet's health and well-being if they are living in an environment where there is a lot of stress and anger. My husband and I have been having arguments these days due to personal reasons. I noticed that my dog has become so dull since then. Also, for some reason, it feels like she's experiencing stomachaches. Since I want to understand where the pain is coming from, I will consider hiring an animal communicator.

I never knew that you can expect your pet's health and well-being if they are living in an environment where there is a lot of stress and anger. My husband and I have been having arguments these days due to personal reasons. I noticed that my dog has become so dull since then. Also, for some reason, it feels like she's experiencing stomachaches. Since I want to understand where the pain is coming from, I will consider hiring an animal communicator.
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