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The Circle of Willis in Cats & Dogs


The circle of Willis is very rarely if ever talked about, so most people have no idea what it is, where it is in the body, or why it is important to both your own and your pet's health. 

The circle of Willis was named after the physician Thomas Willis who discovered it back in the 1600s. The circle of Willis is officially a "circulatory anastomosis" or in layman terms, it's an opening or connection that supplies blood to the brain that sits directly beneath the brain. The circle of Willis is directly linked to the two main arteries in the neck. and the circle incorporates the anterior cerebral arteries, anterior communicating artery, internal carotid arteries, posterior cerebral arteries, and the posterior communicating arteries. 

The main job of the circle of Willis is "connecting" or being the meeting point, for these main arteries which then provide all the blood flow around the outer part of the brain or between the left and right sides of the brain before the arteries branch off transporting blood into the middle section of the brain. The easiest way to imagine this is to think of the circle of Willis similar to a highway surrounding a city, prior to you exiting onto the arterial roads that will take you to your destination within the city, or in this case, the middle part of the brain. 

One of the greatest advantages of the circle of Willis is that its circular form allows the blood to flow two ways around the outer part of the brain which can be a huge aid if there are issues or obstructions with blood flowing into the brain. If the blood can't flow unobstructed the pressure build-up can quickly allow for a change in direction of flow to ensure the middle brain is still receiving a blood supply.

Why is all this important?
It's often mistakenly believed by the average person that there is some sort of special "blood-brain barrier" and that this "barrier" protects the brain from foreign things entering the brain, when in fact, everything comes down to how foreign material makes its way to the circle of Willis, which can then enter the brain to cause damage. 

The body innately looks to protect itself when issues arise, but it's important to understand that the brain via the circle of Willis, receives blood from the arteries in the neck. The arteries travel up to the base of the brain, then into the circle of Willis. The smaller arteries that connect to the circle of Willis provide the blood flow into the middle brain. 

What is happening below the neck in the blood will or can at some point directly impact the blood to the brain via the circle of Willis as it's the meeting point/highway for the main arteries into the brain.  This nugget of information is fundamental when looking at health issues in pets, specifically where behavioral issues arise that are brain related, for example, a perfectly healthy and happy puppy becomes or begins to display aggressive behavior after the puppy vaccinations. Everything in the body is 100% connected and needs to be viewed as a whole organism not as individual parts disconnected from everything else in the body.

Health Issue & the Circle of Willis 

Health problems that are known to be associated with the circle of Willis:

What Impacts the Circle of Willis 

There is still much to be known about the brain but one thing that underpins most things going wrong in your pet's body and the brain are the effects of toxins and toxin build-up in the body. Even genetic issues can be switched on or off depending on the level of exposure to toxins.

Foreign material or "things" that wouldn't normally be or get into in the body, change the natural terrain of your cat and dog. Through the amazing work of Dr. Andrew Moulden, we know the blood becomes thick and sluggish when it's been invaded by foreign material causing massive inflammation that then leads to disease. For example, Alzheimer's is known to be directly related to the build-up of aluminum in the body. The increasing issue of Autism in dogs is related to the exposure of heavy metals and heavy metal toxicity that affects the electrolytes in the blood and electrons. Whereby fully oxygenated blood struggles to flow properly to the smaller capillaries so there is a breakdown in cell communication, issues with the neurons, that can cause micro seizures, hypoxia, brain damage, strokes, etc. (1) 

Anti-inflammatories, antivirals, antifungals, steroids, antibiotics, and vaccines are the mainstream answers to most dogs' and cats' veterinary issues. The question is, do they promote wellness or compromise your pet's natural terrain? 

Each year we hear about a new pharmaceutical or vaccines to add to your dog's or cat's "health" regimen all in the hope to eradicate disease and create dependency on standardized veterinary care. According to this fear-based perspective, you're left feeling helpless, left with the belief that all bacteria and pathogens must be eradicated before your dog and cat can be healthy and safe and that one treatment size fits all cats and all dogs when every animal is its own unique individual self.

Tracing our dog's and cat's health issues back to a microbe supports and upholds germ theory justifying the complete suppression or eradication of all pathogens. This type of thinking puts people in dominion over microbes and in a position in which they can never win. When it comes to your pet's health focusing on what is the natural terrain of your cat or dog's body and the condition of the tissues of the body, etc. allows you to stay in control of your pet's health. Healing from the inside out, fighting disease, and keeping a balance between healthy and pathogenic bacteria. The end result is an inner terrain that is less conducive to pathogenic overgrowth.

Anything that is not natural for your dog or cat compromises their terrain and the more exposure to "foreign material" such as chemical-based flea treatments, anti-inflammatories, antivirals, antifungals, steroids, antibiotics, etc. the greater the level of toxicity their body has to deal with. All of which ultimately will have an impact on the circle of Willis and all the blood flow to the brain that is wholly dependent on its proper function. Nerves, cell communication, etc. can no longer function properly if there are issues with the circle of Willis.

Pretty much every instance with acute and chronic ill health in our pets fundamentally comes down to a change in the natural internal terrain of cats and dogs and the causation is some level of toxicity. Whether the toxicity is from the wrong type of food such as kibble that changes the healthy gut microbiome, chemicals found in tap water, chemical flea treatments, vaccinations, etc. all lead to inflammation as you've moved your dog and cat away from their original natural healthy terrain. 

Any problems with the brain, developmental, or any of those issues listed above have to include looking at the level of toxic exposure and not what came just a few days prior but what toxins your pet has been exposed to over their lifetime. Remember health problems such as cognitive issues, Alzheimer's, etc. didn't just pop up overnight, they came about due to a build-up of toxins in the body and the body being unable to clear them out of the system. 

Issues such as Autism in dogs have been linked to the administration of multiple vaccines at the same time or over a very short space of time, whereby the chemicals or non-biodegradable, inorganic foreign material builds up the level of toxicity in the body. 

The more your cat or dog is exposed to unnatural treatments or standardized veterinary care the greater the problem to the body and the more likelihood of damaging parts of the brain. The brain uses up around 20% of the total blood produced by the heart and it is dependent on a stable healthy blood supply being extremely sensitive to any changes. Any toxicities in the body that fed into the circle of Willis will by association, impact the middle brain and any damage can happen swiftly and the consequences be irreversible, even after only a few minutes. 

In order for your cat or dog to have a chance at recovery from any of the issues listed above, you'll need to work on eliminating or drastically reducing the level of inflammation in the body and eliminating heavy metals out of the system. There is no magical protective barrier as most people understand it that prevents foreign material from ever entering the brain. If it enters the circle of Willis it's en route to the middle brain. 

One of the most important things you can do for your pet is to begin repairing any toxic damage in your pet's body Work on reducing inflammation, eliminating heavy metals and going the natural route as much as possible. 

NOW, we'd love to hear your feedback so LEAVE A COMMENT and feel free to share this with people you think will love it.

Natural lifestyle, naturally health, naturally thriving!!





(1) https://yummy.doctor/video-list/how-to-detox-from-vaccines/

Dr. Andrew Moulden: Every Vaccine Produces Harm




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