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How the Moon Cycle Effects Your Pet


The moon is an incredible sight to see and it's energy is powerful enough to create waves in our oceans, to effect the growth and size of crops planted following the lunar cycle and even influence the amazing sight of the corals off the coast of Australia synchronize the most massive release of eggs and sperms on Earth. The moons energy also effects your pet's, as they are incredibly susceptible to the energies around them.

If you read our article on your pet's chakras you'll know that the pads on your pet's paws (bud chakras) are for "grounding" and they allow them to pick up on the energies from the earth, such as changes in the weather, thunderstorms rolling in etc. and they form part of their primary receptors for their natural survival instinct.

As you become aware of where the moon is throughout the month cycles you'll be able to pick up on the effects it has on both you and your pet. 

The moon's strongest gravitational pull on earth is when the earth and moon are closest together and when the moon is directly overhead. This changes everyday as the moon circles the earth and the sun's gravity also comes into play when it lines up with the moon and earth to create really strong energies. - The new and full moons. (1)

The Moon Cycles 

The moon goes through eight phases with each phase brings different energies but off all these, the most important thing to know is, where is the moon in relation to the sun and earth, and when is it's strongest gravitational pull with earth.

The eight phases of the moon are:

New Moon, Waxing Crescent, First Quarter, Waxing Gibbous. Full Moon, Waning Gibbous, Third Quarter and Waning Crescent.

The different phases bring different energies with them, The waxing moon is considered "yin energy" so where it is moving from new to full and the energies tend to be soft, slow, relaxed, passive. It's classed as feminine energy and described as "moist" and docile.

The waning moon is "yang energy" so where the moon is moving from full to new and this tends to see energy displayed as active, positive, fiery, hard, seeking, restless. Classed as masculine energy, and described as "dry" and dominant.

The lunar energies are so powerful studies done by The Institute of Immunology and Experimental Therapy in Poland have revealed the lunar cycle influencing the reproduction in fish and hormonal changes in insects and birds such as melatonin levels. Some of the more basic changes you may see or even experience in both you and your pet are changes in sleep/wake pattern, body temperature and even the eating habits of your pet or sensitivity to taste.

Phases of the moon affecting animals

We've listed out the different phases and what to expect or look out for in your cat or dog.

New Moon - The moon is closer to the sun at this time and harder to see. The energy around new moons tends to be displayed as more relaxed, slower and more passive energy. The moon at this time is yin energy and yin energy is associated with the lower parts of the body and organs such as the heart, liver, spleen, lung, and kidneys. 

You want to make sure your pet is eating in ways that help support these and offer nutrition as they are also under the influence of the "moist" yin energy which is how the body uses moisture in the body. If the body isn't getting the nutirition it needs to support these organs it's likely moisture will build up and your pet's energy would display more as tiredness and lethargic rather than relaxed and passive.

Waxing Crescent Moon - The moon is still close to the sun, but it's now slightly lite. Your pet is probably still feeling the energies of the new moon so will be looking to rest and sleep. Your cat and dog will be calmer and more affectionate, with cats probably staying closer to home as pet's typically are more in tune with their need to connect around the waxing moons.

First Quarter (Half moon) - The moon is further away from the sun but you'll see more of it. This is where your pet is starting to "wake up" in terms of becoming more active and engaged than under the new moon.

Waxing Gibbous Moon - Earth has moved close to the moon and it's almost fully lite by the sun. Your pet will be beginning to prepare for the energies of the full moon, becoming more focused of what is around him, his environment, sights and smells.

Full Moon -  Strong energy. Earth is between the moon and the sun. A study carried out by Colorado State University found that the risk of injury in animals was 23% greater during a full moon. Cats and dogs may tend to meow or howl, bark more under a full moon, (as you would expect. - How do you think the Werewolve stories started!) but you'll also probably see your pets more restless than normal, they may pace more and their level of anxiety increases. Cats generally to want to hide or become more mischievous. 

The ying energy of the moon tends to be associated with the upper body and back and with the organs such as the small intestine, large intestine, gall bladder, urinary bladder, and stomach.  The body under yang energy is linked to "dryness" so you want to make sure your pet is eating food that retains moisture and food that supports their skin, fur and the organs as they could be more prone to digestive problems, dry patches or urinary infections. 

Waning Gibbous Moon -  The moon is moving back towards the sun. Your pet's natural instinct is likely to kick in, So cats will be hunting more. Dog's more playful almost insistent, more mischievous as they have energy to burn and it's generally a time for nesting so you may see your pet re-arranging his bed more at this time of the cycle.

Third Quarter (Half Moon) - The half moon appears smaller as it continues it's journey back towards the sun. Your pet's energy is starting to calm down preparing for the waning moon's energy.

Waning Crescent Moon - The moon has completed it's orbit of earth. Your cat or dog will be wanting to rest so will be sleeping more, generally staying closer to home for cats and dogs will be seeking solitude.

Other Moon Cycles that affect your dog or cat. 

Blood moons - Blood moons happen when the earth moves directly between the moon and sun, cutting of it's light from the sun so it looses it's yellow glow, becoming a reddish glow. It's a potent energy and not too dissimilar from a full moon, just more intense so your pet may seem a little off-balance or drained.

Super moon - This is when the moon is closest to the earth and has the strongest energy of all moons.  It's where the moon, earth and sun are all aligned so it's a real gravitational power of both feminine and masculine energy. The earth's gravitational energy is so strong that animals have heightened sensitivity to everything around them. Your pet will pick up on the energies around them faster and deeper, so a stressful environment feels more stressful, a loud bang sounds even louder etc. Their survival instinct is on high alert and their interaction with things around them will be quicker.

Blue moon - This is when there are two full moons in the same month. Generally a month contains both a new and a full moon only. So Blue moons tend to be special experiences and your pet will experience the "full moon effects" twice in a blue moon month.

It's important to balance the energies of your pet so that they are in harmony with energies of nature and earth. One of the reasons why natural care is so effective in pets is that they have an innate connection with the natural world and the magnetic energies of the earth.

NOW, we'd love to hear your feedback so LEAVE A COMMENT and feel free to share this with people you think will love it.

Natural lifestyle, naturally health, naturally thriving!!
1) https://sciencing.com/moons-pull-earth-strongest-21419.html


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