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Why Your Dog's Lymphatic System Is Super Important For Health

In this special two part series we've asked the amazing Dog Herbalist Rita Hogan, to give us a run-down on the importance of ​​the lymp...
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Why Your Pet Should Have a Day of Fasting - And You!

Fasting is often considered to be a religious thing but if you look at the animal kingdom, it's an innate ability animals have and actu...
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Poor Teeth, Bad Breath & Vomiting: Inappropriate Diets: Part 3

5. Poor Teeth, Gums & Bad Breath​Poor teeth and gums is a massive health issue in pets. Those pet parents that have raised/feed their animals...
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Itchiness, Food Allergies & Anal Gland Problems. Inappropriate Diets: Part 2

Whether or not your cat or dog is outwardly displaying one or more of these top 10 illnesses/issues you need to start considering the diet you're feed...
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Improve Your Pet's Immune System with these Awesome Recipes

Making soups or broths for yourself and your pets are one of the easiest and natural ways to boost the immune system. A compromised immune system...
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Medicinal Mushrooms For Pets

There is a lot of debate around what foods to fed and not feed pets, but as more and more research is showing mushrooms or fungi are some of...
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Boostings the omega-3s in your dog's or cat’s diet.

Want to boost the omega-3's in your dog's or cat's diet? You don't have to use fish oil to do it. This is a healthy treat that your dog and cat w...
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Raw Fruits and Vegetables for Your Cat.

If your going down the route of a BARF diet for your cat then fantastic, it's one of the best choices you can make for the health and well-being of yo...
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What Health Conditions Would BARF Be Good For?

THE IMPORTANCE OF REAL FOODS...Let me count the ways by Dr. Patricia Jordan​I was never taught this in veterinary school yet it is the first topi...
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Seasonal Feeding - Spring

​Spring focuses on the liver and the gall bladder. The liver is responsible for over 500 functions but most importantly it helps eliminate toxins and ...
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Seasonally Feeding Your Dog - Winter

​Winter focuses on the bladder and the kidneys. The element of winter is water and water represents the entire urinary system. It's energy has downwar...
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Hot & Cold Energies in Your Dog

If you think about it for a second you'll know that all foods have a hot or cold energy about them that impacts the body. You know yourself that when ...
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