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Symptoms of Separation Anxiety in Your Cat or Dog

Separation anxiety can be both stressful for the pet and you and it can present itself in both cats and dogs. The most common type of separation ...
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Travelling With Your Pet

There are a number of reasons you may decide to travel with your pet and in many cases it can be great for a pet to be with you on a holiday. However,...
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Lemongrass for Your Dog & Cat.

Lemongrass has many healing benefits for both humans and pets alike. There are more than 50 different types of lemongrass but the lemongrass vari...
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Causes of Depression in Your Cat and Dog.

The definition of depression in the medical dictionary is "a lowering or decrease of functional activity". Or in psychiatry, "a mental state of a...
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Effects of Heat on Protein In Your Pet's Food

Raw feeding pets versus feeding your pet a cooked or processed diet is always a debated topic but one thing scientists do know is that ...
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Bad Food Changes The Genes in Cats & Dogs

Poor diets such as processed or cooked food negatively impact gene mutation in your cat or dog. These negative Genotype changes begin to tell the stor...
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Signs of Pancreatic Stress in Your Cat or Dog.

Food is fundamental for good health. Good nutrition makes a massive difference to everybody including your pets. The digestive system of our...
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Keep Your Pet Safe This Christmas - Updated!

With the holiday celebrations already begun, we thought we'd do a quick update reminder of the does and don'ts for the safety and happiness of your pe...
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Which kibble to Chose For Your Pet

With so many varieties of pet food on the market and brands claiming to be premium or natural which one should you chose for your pet? ...
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Weekly Changes You Can Make to Help the Planet

With 2020 fast approaching, scientists warning that the world may already have crossed a series of climate tipping points, resulting in "a s...
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The Basic Needs of Your Dog

When it comes to having a dog there are a few fundamental basics you need to provide for your loyal companion. Without these basic needs your dog can ...
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The Basic Needs of Your Cat.

There is a lot of misconception about whether a cat or dog ever needs to leave it's immediate living space.  We come across plenty of pet pa...
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Stop! Don't Shave Your Dog This Summer.

Stop shaving you're dog's coat in summer. Although well intended you're doing your dog more harm than good.  Both cats and dogs have the ability ...
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Marketing Versus Mother Nature​

Are you under the impression that your pet living in the home shouldn't be eating anything other than kibble?  Or, have you been scared or mislea...
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Parasites in Raw Pet Food

There are many misconceptions about raw feeding for pets so it's easy to be confused, and really what should you believe? - What the ma...
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Epilepsy, ​Nutrition and Dogs: Inappropriate Diets: Part 5

Epilepsy is a nuerological disorder in dogs that causes seizures. It's usually not fatal but can be distressing for both the dog and owner, more so fo...
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Herbs to Improve Your Dog's Lymphatic System

Welcome to part two of our lymphatic system series. Here we will look at four effective herbal options that you can use to help stimulate the lymphati...
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Ear Infections & Pancreatitis: Inappropriate Diets: Part 4

 8. Recurrent ear infections Ears are part of the skin system in your pet, if they are not healthy or maintained in good health they are a great ...
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Why Your Dog's Lymphatic System Is Super Important For Health

In this special two part series we've asked the amazing Dog Herbalist Rita Hogan, to give us a run-down on the importance of the lympha...
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Why Your Pet Should Have a Day of Fasting - And You!

Fasting is often considered to be a religious thing but if you look at the animal kingdom, it's an innate ability animals have and actu...
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