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Raw Feeding Myths

There is often a lot of debate around raw feeding. Mainly, is it safe, that processed pet food is the best, that raw feeding isn't suited to domestica...
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National Dog Day

Whey hey hey hey it's time to put your party hat on and celebrate National Dog Day.The 26th of August is all about celebrating a wo/man's best friend,...
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Why Spirulina?

Green Magic.We often get asked why our pet food is green. Apart from adding superb veg into our products so we can ensure your pet has proper nut...
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Rank Your Poo

'Pasty', 'watery', 'diarrhea', 'loose', 'firm', 'normal' and 'average'; words used to describe your dog's or cat's poo. The trouble is, one person's d...
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International Cat Day

A shout out to all kitty cat parents!!! Celebrate the 8th of August. Would we go so far as to say International Cat Day is bigger that Independence Da...
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Let Raw Be Thy Healing Medicine

Raw food is very good for dogs and cats. If you raise your pet on raw food, you will probably be unaware of this as they will likely be very healthy. ...
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Benefits of Raw Feeding for Your Cat or Dog

Let's talk a little bit about the benefits of raw feeding. This is mainly geared for our newbies whom are just starting the brilliant journey of feedi...
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Are Vaccinations Destroying Your Pet’s Health?

Are you worried about the stress and toxins your pet has to tolerate every time you have to do a vaccination or booster jab?Over vaccin...
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Acupuncture for Pets

One of the topics we've been chatting about with the team is acupuncture, as I've been going to acupuncture to help overcome an injury and a friend re...
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Take Your Dog to Work Day

The 22nd June is "Take your Dog to Work Day" is an annual event to celebrate the great companions' dogs make and to promote pet adoptions. It's about ...
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Hug Your Cat Day

"Dogs have masters, cats have staff"June 4th is Hug Your Cat Day. It's a holiday (unofficial off course) for cat lovers everywhere to celebrate t...
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National Pet Day

April the 11th is National Pet Day.It's the annual celebration of all pets and it's about increasing the awareness of pet adoption with the aim of put...
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All You Need is Love…

The 20th of February is a BIG day in the pet world. It's World Love Your Pet Day. Whether you've a cat, tortoise, snake, guinea pig, ferret or horse, ...
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New Year Rituals Not Resolutions

With the new year now in full swing I'm foregoing resolutions and going for rituals. Based on my pet's habits I'm taking lessons I can learn from them...
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Make This Holiday Season Pet Friendly

With the holiday season just around the corner we thought we'd put together a quick reminder of the does and don'ts for the safety and happiness of yo...
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Spring Allergies

Thank GOODNESS spring has well and truly arrived so we can pack away those winter woollies and crack out the shorts. But, if you're anything like me, ...
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