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“Made authentically, made wholesome, made great".


“In nature it is the live food that truly nourishes both people and animals.”

At Authentica we make 100% real raw pet food. We are socially conscious and we care deeply about our customers and providing animals with a proper healthy diet.

We adore our pets and our commitment is to bring you the best as we believe that cats and dogs need a natural diet in order to be healthy and free from many common canine and feline diseases.

Our products are made from high quality human grade food. We use organic, free range, non-GMO and locally sourced ingredients. Our carefully formulated recipes offer nutritionally sound, delicious petfood. Full of succulent meats, vegetables and fruits, they provide optimal levels of high quality protein, fats, vitamins and minerals.




We don’t add any harmful products – hence no rancid smells!!! No fillers, by-products, artifical chemicals, grains, salts, added sugars or preservatives go into our recipes.

Our pet food is quick and easy to use so you can feed your pets a healthy balanced diet to help them thrive.

You may find yourself here in our authentic world because your pet is poorly, overweight or you’re just looking for a better alternative to commercial pet foods. So, welcome!!!!

We hope your furry friends can enjoy plenty of lip lickin’ moments with our delicious natural healthy foods.

Keepin’ it Authentically Real!!! – With pets, people, business and nature.



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