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Our Promise

All pet foods are not created equal. Ingredients matter and proper nutrition is vital for good health. Over time, poor feeding can lead to health issues such as skin problems, malnutrition and tumours.

promise6Our first promise is to only provide products with ingredients you can understand.

promise6We promise to have no added fillers, artifical chemicals, by-products, harmful ingredients, added sugars, salts, grains or preservatives added to the recipes.

promise6We promise to source the highest quality, organically grown and locally produced ingredients.

promise6We promise to give you a top quality product but minimise our carbon footprint.

promise6We promise to treat pets with care and give them plenty of guaranteed lip licking moments.

promise3We promise to minimize our environmental impact.

promise6We promise to treat our customers the "way" we like to be treated. 


Our Mission 


Our mission is about creating change and inspiring others.

We believe in the importance of a healthy balanced diet and providing our furry friends with their proper natural nutritional requirements.

We are committed to delivering great natural products of the highest quality.

We are passionate about animals and believe the first part of the unique bond between a pet and it’s owner begins with the pet’s wellbeing and that starts with providing REAL delicious pet food.



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