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What Health Conditions Would BARF Be Good For?

THE IMPORTANCE OF REAL FOODS...Let me count the ways by Dr. Patricia Jordan I was never taught this in veterinary school yet it is the first topi...

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Why Spirulina?

Green Magic. We often get asked why our pet food is green. Apart from adding superb veg into our products so we can ensure your pet has proper nu...

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Benefits of Raw Feeding for Your Cat or Dog

Let's talk a little bit about the benefits of raw feeding. This is mainly geared for our newbies whom are just starting the brilliant journey of feedi...

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Raw Bones for Dogs and Cats

After the perceived risk of bacteria in raw food, chewing raw bones is the subject that worries novice raw feeders and raw food critics the most. ...

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Raw Feeding Myths

There is often a lot of debate around raw feeding. Mainly, is it safe, that processed pet food is the best, that raw feeding isn't suited to domestica...

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Parasites in Raw Pet Food

There are many misconceptions about raw feeding for pets so it's easy to be confused, and really what should you believe? - What the ma...

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Your Pet's Dirty Dozen

Chatting to a friend the other day we got onto the topic of the all the toxins in food and we were talking about the dirty dozen list. If you're not i...

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Pet's First Aid Kit

With Spring just around the corner we've put together a quick essential guide to what you should stock up on in your medicine cabinet to cover th...

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The Ultimate Guide To Switching Your Pet To A Raw Food Diet.

Firstly let's address why switch your pet to raw food.  Apart from the huge benefit that your pet will have excellent health, anim...

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