Hi! We are Authentica Pets

We are a micro team with a love for nature and animals and whom started out in 2010 producing top quality raw food and natural products for cats an dogs in South America.

Our little furry loving community grew, but in the midst and explosion of so much ‘natural advice’ in the last few years and much misinformation, we converted our little business and consultations to providing articles to impart our teachings.

With the ever increasing rise in disease and illnesses we saw too many pets in the local community we couldn’t help enough in the time given daily, so we switched from providing real food and natural products to imparting our knowledge so people like you, can know how to take you pet’s health back into your own hands, using real food, natural products and plant medicine both as prevention and cure.


Good food is not about buying a ‘top of the range product’ from the pet shop. It’s about real tastes, pure nutrition and food that your pet should really be eating, as designed by nature. Anything away from this is dis-ease in their body.

Animals are carnivores and a real healthy diet for your cat or dog is something that is as close to their wild cousins as possible. Forget all the nay-sayers, no animal throughout the whole of evolution as we know it, has ever cooked it’s food.

Raw feeding suits the physiology and digestive functions of dogs and cats much more closely than cooked, processed foods. Improved digestion promotes the absorption of more nutrients with less waste. It satisfies our pets’ instinctive needs to consume healthier raw foods and provides flavors and aromas that are more attractive to them.

Health starts with the gut and investing in food not allopathic medicine, is the first prevention against dis-ease. Water and good nutrition is the foundation of health and nutritional deficiencies and toxins are the biggest cause of disease. Health is really simple to achieve it starts with fresh air, clean water and real nutritional rich food.

Nature is the source of all things healthy. A natural diet is a fast track to vibrant health and happiness and nothing is more important than providing your pet with a biologically appropriate diet in order to help your pet have a long healthy life.  Join to learn more.

Why All Natural?

With the ever increasing rise in disease and illnesses in our beloved pets, it’s essential you become your pet’s healer.

We follow natural law, which is based on the tradition of nature. Nature, Mother Earth, Pachamama, is not stupid. What nature teaches us and continues to produce/evolve time and time again, is the master, Gaia over man-made everything.

Using and knowing the principles of natural law we give you the information and hopefully the confidence you need to guide you from being dependent on a conglomerate industry that thinks nothing of keeping our amazing animals in a holding pattern of disease and repeat business for themselves.

When your pet’s body has what it needs, healing can begin on both a superficial and deep level. We teach you how to treat the patterns of disharmony rather than the illness itself, understanding the causitive factors of those patterns to look to remove the cause – which is almost always dietary. There can be no true healing with herbs if diet remains the contributing cause in sustaining dis-ease.

Our aim is to give you the information and the confidence to become your pet’s healer through our articles on raw feeding, mono-feeding, medicinal plants and mushrooms as preventative or cure, or in sadder cases, teaching you how to give your beloved animal soul friend peace before his or her passing. Are you interested in learning? Join to become your pet’s natural healer.